Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia

Papers and research supported in part or in whole by The Swartz Foundation

R. Nogueira, C. C. Rodgers, R. M. Bruno, S. Fusi
"The geometry of cortical representations of touch in rodents," Nature Neuroscience 26, pages 239 to 250 (2023)
(abstract only available at this link)

Lee DG, McLachlan CA, Nogueira R, Kwon O, Carey AE, House G, Lagani GD, LaMay D, Fusi S, Chen JL
"Perirhinal Cortex Learns A Predictive Map of The Task Environment," bioRxiv. 2023 Mar 18:2023-03.

Muller, S., Pi, J.S., Hage, P., Fakharian, M.A., Nejad, E.S. and Shadmehr, R.
"Complex spikes perturb movements, revealing the sensorimotor map of Purkinje cells," bioRxiv (2023).

Muscinelli S., Wagner M., Litwin-Kumar A. (2022)
Optimal routing to cerebellum-like structures View, bioRxiv. doi: 10.1101/2022.02.10.480014

Engelken R, Ingrosso A, Khajeh R, Goedeke S, Abbott LF (2022)
Input correlations impede suppression of chaos and learning in balanced rate networks, ArXiv:2201.09916 [q-bio.NC].

Engelken, R., Wolf, F. and Abbott, L.F. (2021)
Quantifying dynamic stability and signal propagation: Lyapunov spectra of chaotic recurrent neural networks, 2020 Conference on the Mathematical Theory of Deep Learning.

R. Engelken, F. Wolf, and L. F. Abbott (2020)
Lyapunov Spectra of Chaotic Recurrent Neural Networks, ArXiv:2006.02427 [Nlin, q-Bio].

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